Lisa reminds us we should be our own Woman warrior too!


My Name is Lisa aka Love AFRODITE,

I am a Zimbabwean Graphic and Crafts designer . I moved to Canada for University and have since stayed to develop my career. The biggest challenge I face is that being a strong smart black woman with a voice is often intimidating , which really impacts the kinds of opportunities that are available to me. The best lesson I’ve learnt is to stay true to who I am . Stay true , and accept the process of creating my own opportunities instead . Every rejection is a blessing , it drives me to be even more determined to work harder on my own dreams . We are very lucky to live in a world endless possibilities . After every failed interview , go home and work on developing your own crafts . I believe in putting as much energy into ourselves as we do for work and others . My dream world is built and run by strong self made women . Don’t forget to be your own Woman Warrior !

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