Today, meet Dani!


Hey! I’m Dani. I am 22 years old and I live in Victoria, BC. I work for Island Health doing kindergarten screening and I am also a Photographer! I love the idea of this project because I strongly admire all the women around me who have influenced me in my day to day life. I work with women, I was raised (a lot of my childhood when my dad was at sea) by two STRONG and BEAUTIFUL women, and I just recently did a interview/photography project on 18 local female musicians in Victoria. Through my enentire life until this last year I had breasts that were far too big for my stature. I wanted what every girl wants, to be comfortable in her own body, fit at least some of the trends, and to not have that be the focus of every dude when at a bar, date, etc. ( it had even had gotten to the point where I had been grabbed there, or verbally harassed because they clearly “stood out” to a male at a concert while I was taking photos). I had a breast reduction in Decmeber of 2017 because I had problems with my neck, back, and shoulders. It changed everything. Waking up in the morning I felt better. I felt lighter, more confident INSTANTLY. I know you shouldn’t HAVE to modify your body to help your confidence, but because of the issues with my back and whatnot, it helped so much and I will never look back. Women face so many challenges every single day. In the workplace, at a concert venue, in a bar, on the street, everywhere. Its ridiculous, BUT the best part about being a woman is that we have a strong force of sisters that are all able rising up together and say enough is enough. The reason I chose my mum as my women warrior is because she has always pushed me to be the very best version of my self. I see a lot of her in me every single day. Shes generous, tough, smart, witty, brave, talented, beautiful, and funny. Shes always shown leadership and was very excited when I started my Women for Women project this last fall. She helped so much. She raised two girls while our dad was away at sea with the Navy. My mum as well had a 37 year career in the military and now works for Island Health as well, after retiring (for a week). She is everything in a person I hope to be one day, and I am so incredibly grateful for her.

Today, we are highlighting Diane!





About Our #WednesdayWarrior, Diane:

A mom of 10 year old son, Wally and 12 year old daughter, Ashley. Business owner and Olympic and World Champion Curler, Diane loves seeing the world through Ashley’s eyes… “My daughter Ashley, a wonderful athlete and an aspiring actress, inspires me with her courage, her sarcastic sense of humour and her commitment to her craft. She manages a crazy schedule while keeping all the balls in the air and keeps us laughing too!”



Chloe is a #GIRLBOSS and our Wednesday Warrior!


Hello! My #womanwarrior is Oprah.

I am a textile designer in London, England who loves using traditional art and CAD to create designs that bring colour and vibrancy to homeware and fashion (ie. wallpaper, rugs, bedding, dresses, accessories, etc.). You can find some of my work on insta and on FB at:

Of course my mother will always be my strongest pillar, but I have to thank her for introducing me to Oprah at a young age. After school every day I would come home to sit with her on the couch, watching and listening to the ways in which so many people faced adversities and how they overcame these obstacles through Oprah’s show. This impacted me by allowing me to believe in myself and by teaching me to treat others with respect and compassion.

Thank you @projectwomenwarriors for making the time to bring love and positivity into this world ❤


Our #WednesdayWarrior is Kelly!



My name is Kelly, I’m 42, a mother of 4 (twin daughters that are 10, a 16 year old stepdaughter and 20 year old stepson), the Manager of Vancouver Island University’s Student Residences and a Wellness Advocate for DoTerra Canada. My Women Warriors are foremost my amazing Aunts and my Grandmothers – without them I wouldn’t be the woman, mother, partner and professional I am today – they provided such support and positive role modeling when my own mother couldn’t. My Femme Friends and Colleagues are my everyday circle of support, they keep me grounded and also motivated to keep on learning and growing.

What a great story for this week’s #WomenWarriors feature

“My name is Zuri, and I’m a wife, mother, birth doula and 2-time breast cancer thriver. I initially found it challenging to come up with one person who represented my Woman Warrior, when nearly every woman I know has impacted my life in significant ways. When I was diagnosed with cancer, the women in my life, aunts, cousins, sisters, friends and my mother-in-law, all came to my aid. They were strong for me when I couldn’t be and they helped take care of the things I couldn’t, giving me the time, energy and space to fight and heal. Yet, my biggest, most important warrior was, and still is, my mommy. She took us in (my husband, son and me) when I was undergoing treatment. She nursed me, loved me and pretty much raised my son for a year. I often joke that my son has two mothers – but joking aside, I am so grateful for the bond they now have because of that time. We are both so lucky to have such a Woman Warrior in his life.
Someone who has sacrificed so much in her life for her family, moving to a foreign country, quitting her job as a nurse to birth and raise three children, and dedicating hundreds of thousands of dollars to their lives and education, while providing a warm and welcoming home for all. My mommy is strength and beauty, inside and out, and the epitome of a #womanwarrior “
Zuri, YOU are a true warrior and we love who has influenced you along the journey! Thank you for the submission 🙂
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Hey beautiful, tell us who is your Warrior !

My name is Dana Townsend. I am a 22 year old student that is currently studying counselling psychology. My whole life I have been drawn to children and so in the future I hope to work with youth who are struggling with mental illness or a disorder. I myself have struggled with anxiety and depression during my adolescent years, and felt as if there was no one to go to for help. My goal is to become someone young people can look up to, as a role model that they can come to for support or help when struggling. I believe that having a positive outlook on life while spreading love and kindness will allow you to receive this in return and I hope to share that with others.
My #womenwarriors are Ellen DeGeneres and my grandma. I love the way Ellen promotes happiness and kindness with everything she does and how each day she strives to make the world a better place. My Grandma saw the good in each person and every situation, as well as treated everyone she met with sincere kindness. I aspire to have a heart as large as these amazing women!
Thanks for the sweet submission Dana. We love that you plan to share love and light to youth suffering with mental illness. Almost every person will struggle at least once in their life with some sort of mental illness… without people like you the world would be a much darker place.
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It’s Wednesday! Our #WomanWarrior is Farida Salem


My name is Farida Salem, I’m an Egyptian soccer player. I played for the Egyptian national team when I was 19. I moved to Canada when I was 21 to further my soccer career. I played for (and graduated from) Vancouver Island University: Bachelor of Sport, Health, and Physical Education. Now I am back in Cairo to inspire other female soccer players to pursue their dreams.

My Mom is my biggest inspiration because she has always been my number one fan. She used to drive me to every single practice and match ever since I was a kid. She fights the secret battles we don’t see – she is a true woman warrior.