Nicole’s Woman warrior

25DB040F-F3CD-47A8-A4EE-0035D71497C3.jpegHi! My name is Nicole, I’m 23 and I’m a Mexican/Canadian graphic designer + artist based in Vancouver! Originally from Mexico City, I moved to Canada when I was 4 years old. I love to dance, make art, spend time with friends and family, eat sushi, and mainly I love to travel! I grew up moving around from place to place and got used to adapting to new environments and new people. This continued into my adult life where the minute I turned 18 it was like a firing of a gun start. Working various jobs in hospitality, I moved across borders and continents with my passports and backpack in hand. I decided to do things that scared me in order to expand my comfort zone. I threw myself out of a plane at 14,000 ft, I ate a scorpion, climbed active volcanos in the middle of the night to see the sunrise, had my foot swell up double the size from an infected cut in Vietnam, flipped over in a motorbike…etc. I spent years on my own getting lost in the world, getting to know myself and in those years I became the woman I am today. Presently, I work in graphic design. From thinking of concepts in the shower to making sketches on the back of a parking ticket to perfecting every anchor point in a graphic – I love the creative capacity, influence, art, expression and communication in this field. My woman warrior I chose is design powerhouse, Jessica Walsh. She is a designer, art director, illustrator and partner at Sagmeister and Walsh, a creative agency based in NYC. She is one of my biggest role models for the woman I aspire to be. From her distinct and bold style, her unapologetic and authentic messages in her work, she is a strong female voice in a male dominated industry. She created ‘Ladies Wine Design’ a platform where female creatives from all over the world (presently 250 cities world wide) support each other, share ideas, resources and inspiration.

Lisa reminds us we should be our own Woman warrior too!


My Name is Lisa aka Love AFRODITE,

I am a Zimbabwean Graphic and Crafts designer . I moved to Canada for University and have since stayed to develop my career. The biggest challenge I face is that being a strong smart black woman with a voice is often intimidating , which really impacts the kinds of opportunities that are available to me. The best lesson I’ve learnt is to stay true to who I am . Stay true , and accept the process of creating my own opportunities instead . Every rejection is a blessing , it drives me to be even more determined to work harder on my own dreams . We are very lucky to live in a world endless possibilities . After every failed interview , go home and work on developing your own crafts . I believe in putting as much energy into ourselves as we do for work and others . My dream world is built and run by strong self made women . Don’t forget to be your own Woman Warrior !

Today, #GirlBoss Ameera highlights her sister!


#GirlBoss Ameera is highlighting her sister today!

Hello! My name is Ameera and I am 26 years young and own my own luxury designer jewelry business called The Bombay Trunk Co. (@thebombaytrunkco) with my sister. It features wallet-friendly stunning Indian and costume jewelry that can be customized and made to bring your vision to life. I was born in Mumbai and wanted to incorporate that style and fashion into the Canadian market, which was only possible with the help of my sister. I can only crush my professional goals and embrace each day with confidence because of her. It is difficult to summarize my sister in a post as she is my business partner, part-time closet owner, my entertainer, my biggest fan, and my best friend. I can continue to explore in my business, career, and life with confidence because my sister is able to keep me grounded and push me to success. I also nominate her because like many women today she needs a little reminder about her incredible journey and all the qualities that make her the rarest kind of person in the world. She continues to show me how to live an unforgettable life with her positive attitude, never-ending ambition, rock-hard strength, and spicy zest for life. She is the perfect woman warrior; a bursting ray of sunshine mixed with a little bit of hurricane 💕



Today we’re inspired by Silvana and her mom!


We are THRILLED to have Silvana (@Silvana_Est) as our #WomanWarrior! Silvana is highlighting her incredible mother today 💕 We are so inspired by this story, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for these amazing ladies ❤️
“Hi my name is Silvana, I’m 19 years old and I’m the oldest of 3! I grow up in a small town called dechemare, Eritrea. My mom left Eritrea to try and give us a better way of life. My mom traveled to Egypt, were she worked as a house cleaner and babysitter for more than 2 years and every penny she made sent us. After that she moved to Calgary, Canada, worked odd jobs in the day, went to night classes to learn English and landed a job as a nurse, after living in Calgary for 5 years the government approved her request to bring us here.
Because of my mom I got to pursue the one thing I have always wanted to do, ACTING! So after living in Calgary for 6 years I moved to Vancouver when I was 18 and already finished a year and half intensive acting program at SC.
There’s isn’t a day where I don’t wake up and be so so grateful for my mom. my MAMA is my most amazing, beautiful warrior with a heart of gold.”


Today, we highlight Bridget!

53668465_2311394555740729_4974807095074357248_n.jpgAbout Our Woman Warrior:

Hello hello my name is Bridget coming from beautiful British Columbia!! I was excited to be asked to write up a little thing on who I think my women warrior is and one of my first thoughts was “can it be myself?”
Some may think that’s selfish but I’ve been through some dark times and I am pretty stoked I’ve come out of it all happy and healthy!! From sexual assault, depression, self abuse, death, heartbreaks and a variety of things in between… being at war with myself, remembering when getting out of bed was the biggest challenge… it’s definitely taken a few different attempts, but I’m alive to tell the tale. Many people go through similar, if not more traumatic, experiences in life and may not always talk about it! Remember that you are in control of your happiness!! Take charge, remove the toxins, speak positively about yourself, you are a goddess who deserves love and self care.

Love you fellow women warrior ❤️❤️

Meagan tells us about her #WomanWarrior


My name is Meagan Staples I am a 26yr old bubbly smiley Vancouverite. I am passionate about fitness, yoga, dancing, nutrition and holistic wellbeing. I love to inspire others to live their best life with determination, hustle and a smile. My love for this life came through struggles with an eating disorder I want to let people know you are strong and you have a beautiful soul that the world needs to see shine. “There is nothing more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

My woman warrior is my momma. She raised 3 amazing kids, works full time, volunteers like crazy and is somehow always smiling. She is always there to catch me when I fall, keep me grounded and give me strength. She holds me and our family together, she is the glue. She’s my uptown funk ❤️ I love you mom.


Thank-you for the sweet submission Meagan.

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Lea Highlights her #WomanWarrior Leigh



Lea is an accomplished facilitator of the healing arts with a strong reputation for her quirky yet compassionate demeanour during classes, workshops, and one-on-one sessions. As a healer, coach, teacher, and speaker, Lea focuses her practice on coaching individual emotional resiliency, teaching you that your story is not your limitation.

About Lea’s #WomenWarrior Leigh

I met Leigh when we were 17 years old. Instant friends, I’ve often considered our love story one with karmic connections that go beyond our own understanding. She is the epitome of my soul mate, my mirror, my inspiration and comedic relief. We’ve been best friends for almost 22 years and have led our lives in synchronistic fashion that would make the doubtful, become the faithful.

Leigh struggles with more diagnoses than anyone would think is humanly possible. From mental health battles, multiple surgeries, debilitating pain, hospitalized trauma; this woman has lived 50 lives in her one. She has a marriage stronger than most believe is possible in this day and age with two children that are the embodiment of kindness and empathy. She is a pillar of strength and humor, sharing her struggles with raw vulnerability and humor.

She gets up every single day and chooses to fight for her life. She gets up every single day and chooses to be who she wants to be, despite what her medical files says she is. She is the definition of emotional resiliency and grace, a survivor of horrible circumstances beyond control, yet remains an advocate for the underdog. Passionate about the loves in her life, she inspires me to be more of myself every single day.

My dear Leigh, you are a warrior. In every sense of the word. You are my heart. Thank you for who you are in my life, for teaching me that I can do anything I set my mind to.

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