Today, #GirlBoss Ameera highlights her sister!


#GirlBoss Ameera is highlighting her sister today!

Hello! My name is Ameera and I am 26 years young and own my own luxury designer jewelry business called The Bombay Trunk Co. (@thebombaytrunkco) with my sister. It features wallet-friendly stunning Indian and costume jewelry that can be customized and made to bring your vision to life. I was born in Mumbai and wanted to incorporate that style and fashion into the Canadian market, which was only possible with the help of my sister. I can only crush my professional goals and embrace each day with confidence because of her. It is difficult to summarize my sister in a post as she is my business partner, part-time closet owner, my entertainer, my biggest fan, and my best friend. I can continue to explore in my business, career, and life with confidence because my sister is able to keep me grounded and push me to success. I also nominate her because like many women today she needs a little reminder about her incredible journey and all the qualities that make her the rarest kind of person in the world. She continues to show me how to live an unforgettable life with her positive attitude, never-ending ambition, rock-hard strength, and spicy zest for life. She is the perfect woman warrior; a bursting ray of sunshine mixed with a little bit of hurricane 💕



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