What a great story for this week’s #WomenWarriors feature

“My name is Zuri, and I’m a wife, mother, birth doula and 2-time breast cancer thriver. I initially found it challenging to come up with one person who represented my Woman Warrior, when nearly every woman I know has impacted my life in significant ways. When I was diagnosed with cancer, the women in my life, aunts, cousins, sisters, friends and my mother-in-law, all came to my aid. They were strong for me when I couldn’t be and they helped take care of the things I couldn’t, giving me the time, energy and space to fight and heal. Yet, my biggest, most important warrior was, and still is, my mommy. She took us in (my husband, son and me) when I was undergoing treatment. She nursed me, loved me and pretty much raised my son for a year. I often joke that my son has two mothers – but joking aside, I am so grateful for the bond they now have because of that time. We are both so lucky to have such a Woman Warrior in his life.
Someone who has sacrificed so much in her life for her family, moving to a foreign country, quitting her job as a nurse to birth and raise three children, and dedicating hundreds of thousands of dollars to their lives and education, while providing a warm and welcoming home for all. My mommy is strength and beauty, inside and out, and the epitome of a #womanwarrior “
Zuri, YOU are a true warrior and we love who has influenced you along the journey! Thank you for the submission 🙂
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