To kick off our #WomenWarriors campaign, meet Charleen…


About me: “I am 82 years old. I have lived through the Depression and I know much about making the best with what you’ve got. This life has come with many challenges but I’ve found the humor within everything. I keep my family supported and tightly knit.”

About my Daughter: “My daughter is my warrior because she has taken time her life to provide me with care and compassion. Her endless concern helps me enjoy what life I have left to live. Her smile is contagious and I am truly blessed. For this she is my warrior.”


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Happy International Women’s Day!

In lieu of International Women’s Day 2018, let us introduce Project Women Warriors! We are a Canadian based web series, blog, and community of #WomenWarriors highlighting resiliency and strength in women and girls. This month, we will be highlighting a different woman or girl each day who will tell us about herself and her Woman Warrior! Check out the rest of our social media, and DM us to featured. We want to hear about the woman in your life who is killin’ it and inspiring you to live YOUR best life as a confident and ambitious woman warrior.