Today, we feature Sydney!


My name is Sydney Jade, I have always been a go-getter when it comes to pursuing passions of mine! I am studying musical theatre currently and am in the process of composing a musical!
One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is to shop, and I love to share my clothes with others! I was sparked with excitement about a month ago when I realized I could turn my passion into a business of its own! I love being able to puts multiple passions; I don’t feel like I have to put all of my eggs in one basket!
My woman warrior is my mom, Andrea Waack. She has shown me how to stay strong when faced with adversity, and to fight for what I believe in. She brings light wherever she goes and she inspires me endlessly!
@vintagebysydneyjade is an online thrift store, at which you can purchase a variety of beautiful vintage pieces! Give my account a follow & you will be able to purchase any of my items through Instagram DM! I am super excited and passionate about my vintage company. I love being able to make others’ days & help the environment by reusing and reselling perfectly crafted products!
I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my story, thank you Brooke and @projectwomenwarriors!💗



Meagan tells us about her #WomanWarrior


My name is Meagan Staples I am a 26yr old bubbly smiley Vancouverite. I am passionate about fitness, yoga, dancing, nutrition and holistic wellbeing. I love to inspire others to live their best life with determination, hustle and a smile. My love for this life came through struggles with an eating disorder I want to let people know you are strong and you have a beautiful soul that the world needs to see shine. “There is nothing more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

My woman warrior is my momma. She raised 3 amazing kids, works full time, volunteers like crazy and is somehow always smiling. She is always there to catch me when I fall, keep me grounded and give me strength. She holds me and our family together, she is the glue. She’s my uptown funk ❤️ I love you mom.


Thank-you for the sweet submission Meagan.

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Chloe is a #GIRLBOSS and our Wednesday Warrior!


Hello! My #womanwarrior is Oprah.

I am a textile designer in London, England who loves using traditional art and CAD to create designs that bring colour and vibrancy to homeware and fashion (ie. wallpaper, rugs, bedding, dresses, accessories, etc.). You can find some of my work on insta and on FB at:

Of course my mother will always be my strongest pillar, but I have to thank her for introducing me to Oprah at a young age. After school every day I would come home to sit with her on the couch, watching and listening to the ways in which so many people faced adversities and how they overcame these obstacles through Oprah’s show. This impacted me by allowing me to believe in myself and by teaching me to treat others with respect and compassion.

Thank you @projectwomenwarriors for making the time to bring love and positivity into this world ❤