Thank YOU!



March is now behind us and with that, we would like to extend a massive THANK YOU to every one who took part in and followed along our #WomenWarriors campaign this past month! We are overwhelmed with the positive responses as well as the amount of submissions and nominations we have received, so we are pleased to announced that we will be continuing on with our mission over the next few months! Each Wednesday, we will post a new #WednesdayWarrior, so stay tuned and tell your friends! Keep spreading that girl power 👊🏻💖

Meet Natasha!


The response for our #WomenWarriors series this month has been so beautiful! So many amazing people have reached out to us, and we were so happy to connect with today’s feature through our platform.

Natasha is the Founder and Managing Partner at TAFA Consulting Corp; an HR & Recruitment Consulting Firm. Tafa Consulting Corp

She says “My goal is to build a truly value add business, where clients and candidates know where to turn for operational or strategic HR and Recruitment support”

Her Women Warriors are her mom and sister:
“They keep me grounded, give it to me straight, and most importantly, support me unconditionally. They are incredible forces in their own rights, and I’m proud be able to acknowledge them.”

Madison fills our hearts with so much LOVE!


Madison is an incredible young woman, and we are so thrilled to be highlighting her!

About Madison:

Hi! My name is Madison (@schillian), and I’m the founder of, an editorial platform that discusses beauty in all the ways we consume it – not just product. I’ve made it a mission of mine to produce campaigns for brands that reflect the women of 2018 – our differences should be celebrated, highlighted and showcased to younger generations as part of the mosaic of beauty we live in.

About Her Women Warriors:

My role models are each of the women that have kept true to this mission; who lead with generosity, spirit, and heart in whichever field they exist in. It can oftentimes be difficult not to react to adversity with negativity, criticism and exclusion – but the women who inspire me reach out to have the difficult conversations, do the necessary work, and still live in love while doing so. Cheers to them doing above and beyond what has been asked of them. That is true strength.

Meet our girl, Blaire!



Meet our girl, Blaire! She is a 19 year old student in her second year of studying Education to become a French Immersion teacher. She is also a Resident Advisor at her University!

She says “I love to surf and ski, and I am passionate about music and mental wellness. This last year has been a personal struggle as I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, all while trying to balance being a student and resident advisor. It has affected me in multiple aspects of my life; however, I know that it does not define me. By surrounding myself with the right people this year, I have learned to never be ashamed of my mental illness; I am learning to be a voice, not a victim.”

About her Woman Warriors:

“My mom and my sister have both taught me true strength. They both truly have a heart for others and no matter what they are going through, they always help those around them first. They both stand up for what they believe in, and were both a voice for me when I couldn’t find my won. One of the best things they have both taught me is to dance like nobody’s watching and to be unapologetically me.”

Meet Maiya!




Hi I’m Maiya! I’m a 20 year old student studying Resource and Environmental Management at SFU and I’m also a lifeguard and photographer (you can find me at @mandmphoto). My whole life I’ve been weary of changes. I don’t like jumping into the unknown and trying new things. But some of these jumps have led me to the best things, jobs and people that I’m surrounded with now.

I owe all of this to my Women Warrior- my mom. She’s pushed me throughout my life to be the best version of myself, even when I don’t want to pass the start line. She’s one of those beautiful souls that doesn’t shape her life around what others think, she makes her life what she wants it to be. She inspires me to be both a dreamer and a realist, to accept change but also to cherish. When you’re a kid you look up at your parents like they’re superheros, and I think as you get older, you realise just how heroic they really are.

A beloved mom shares her picks for our #WomenWarriors campaign. Meet Deb,


This is Debbie, her #womenwarriors are Ellie and Sam.  Debbie is a wife, mother to a wonderful son and daughter and has three precious grandchildren.

She works full time as an elementary school secretary and loves to volunteer whenever possible. She loves her job looking after all the little ones in her life.  She is surrounded by loving family and friends which gives her so much fulfillment and joy in her life and feels grateful each and every day.

“Ellie and Sam are both kind, caring, courageous and strong women who have an abundance of love to give others.  Although they have suffered great loss in their lives and have had many obstacles to overcome, they still find the strength to put others first. They never lose faith when times are tough and believe that tomorrow will be a better day.  They live by Mother Teresa’s quote ‘In this life we cannot always do great things, But we can do small things with great love.’ “

Amazing. We love it. Thanks for sharing Debbie!