A beloved mom shares her picks for our #WomenWarriors campaign. Meet Deb,


This is Debbie, her #womenwarriors are Ellie and Sam.  Debbie is a wife, mother to a wonderful son and daughter and has three precious grandchildren.

She works full time as an elementary school secretary and loves to volunteer whenever possible. She loves her job looking after all the little ones in her life.  She is surrounded by loving family and friends which gives her so much fulfillment and joy in her life and feels grateful each and every day.

“Ellie and Sam are both kind, caring, courageous and strong women who have an abundance of love to give others.  Although they have suffered great loss in their lives and have had many obstacles to overcome, they still find the strength to put others first. They never lose faith when times are tough and believe that tomorrow will be a better day.  They live by Mother Teresa’s quote ‘In this life we cannot always do great things, But we can do small things with great love.’ “

Amazing. We love it. Thanks for sharing Debbie!


Meet Our Girl, Liv!


Hi, my name is Liv! My Women Warriors are my mum and my sister. I am a student studying at BCIT and spend my free time pursuing my passion for baking. Please feel free to take a look at my baking account @thelittlewoodenbakery!

About her warriors:

“It was my mum and my sister and I for most of our childhood. We were the three musketeers and still are. The two of them are truly my everything. My mum is superwomen, she always has been. My sister is my best friend and my backbone. I don’t know what I would do without the two of these women in my life. I am thankful for them every single day and share an amazing friendship with both of them. I look up to my mum and my sister and aspire to be the kind, loving, and admirable people they are one day.”

Our hearts are smiling because of Michelle’s chosen #WomenWarrior…


My name is Michelle and I’ve been working as a Management Consultant in Toronto after graduating from McGill University. I grew up most of my life in Vancouver along with my family, and wanted to share a story of an incredibly talented and inspiring woman who is my Woman Warrior.

Her name is Isly Choi, and she was a true Vancouverite at heart. She loved practicing yoga, going for walks in nature, and working on her art/fashion projects at Starbucks. She was always full of energy, bursting with creativity, and artistically talented. Combining her studies in Design & Visual Communication at Emily Carr and Fashion & Apparel Design at VCC, as well as her passion for natural healing for which she found the inspirations through her job at Saje Wellness, Isly dreamed of someday starting her own positive lifestyle brand in Vancouver. Her vision of the brand was “to inspire others to look inside to find their inner beauty & tap into their creative selves, promote sustainable fashion, and build a community of yoga-loving & spiritually enlightened free souls”. She was truly a unique individual who touched the lives of those around her through her colorful personality, everlasting optimism, and overflowing creativity.

This unique and positive soul is someone I am proud to call my sister. While my sister’s life was taken away from this world too soon, I wanted to share her story because my sister was someone who always followed her heart instead of over-thinking about other people’s expectations or solely listening to her rational and logical mind. Sometimes we need to shut down the voices in our heads and truly reflect on what is important to our lives to prioritize the people we love and to discover our true passions. My sister was still so young and had so many creative ideas that she wanted to realize during her time on earth; I hope to someday be able to bring some of her work to life and one day become as colorful as her.

To see my sister’s portfolio of some of her art and fashion design work, please check out: http://www.coroflot.com/islychoi/portfolio

Meet Zehra, a #GirlBoss doctor !


Dr. Zehra Gajic is a perinatal and pediatric chiropractor full of compassion, love, and a whole lotta hutzpah, all wrapped up in a tiny fire ball. Her mission is to empower and support all of her patients, especially those in the motherhood transition. She is belly and baby obsessed and was put on this planet to care for pregnant people and newborns. She graduated with her doctorate in 2015, moved across the country, and opened a practice with her partner which has now grown into a team of 15 amazing humans and the two cutest boston terriers on the planet.

Dr. Zehra’s women warrior is her badass birthy bff, Nicole Chambers. “Nicole is the most incredible doula, counsellor, mom, and friend who is taking over the birth world through educating, empowering, and supporting perinatal women to improve how humans are grown and brought earth-side. She exudes strength, empathy, has the most contagious spirit, and is an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing her.”

Check out her practice here: http://www.mapleridgewellnesscentre.ca/


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Hey Jessica, who’s your #WomanWarriors nominee?


About her:

“My name is Jessica Hartle. I’m a registered nurse within British Columbia, Canada. I’ve been working within my industry for almost a year now, and love being able to brighten someone’s day, even if it’s just for a moment. I have a passion for travel, and a newly found love for outdoor photography. You can find me frolicking in the mountains most weekends, and see my adventures on Instagram @jesssomethin.”

About her Oma:
“My women warrior is my Oma. She grew up in what was the Soviet Union, and was a red cross refugee after World War II. After her immigration to Canada, she met my Opa, and made a living for herself and her family in the lower mainland of Vancouver. Unfortunately, she lost her fight against breast cancer over 10 years. While she was alive she was one of the brightest, kindest, and most patient women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. If I can be half as compassionate and caring as her within my life, I would be happy to say I’ve done justice to her legacy.”

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Sidra, we love your featured #WomenWarriors!


Sidra Subzwari is a Luxury Real Estate agent in White Rock, BC with Angell Hasman & Associates, http://www.angellhasman.ca/

Her #WomanWarrior for our #WomenWarriors series is her mom. Sidra’s mom is her hero, and she explains… “she’s taught me to be kind to others – ALWAYS. “You never know what some else is going through so always be kind.” I’m always amazed by her. And the older I’ve gotten, the more our bond has grown. She’s superhuman. My second role model is Oprah. Oprah doesn’t know this but she’s my “YouTube mentor” I watch and rewatch her Super Soul Sunday clips on YouTube every morning when getting ready for work. She reminds me to walk in my truth everyday and live an authentic life.”

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Meet Talia, our #WomenWarriors feature for today…


About me:

“My name is Talia and my women Warriors are my mom and my 2 sisters! I am a self-taught makeup artist & lash tech located in Vancouver (you can find me at @taliajoycemakeup!). My goal is to make each client look and feel beautiful, inside and out, and strive to make them feel like the #womenwarriors they truly are!”


About her Mom and Sisters:

“My mom is my rock and my biggest supporter, she is always there to help me through my toughest situations. She is very selfless and is always the first to offer someone in need a helping hand. My sisters keep me sane and remind me to have fun and to laugh – they’re so bright and excel in pretty much anything they try their hand at and and we have so much fun together.”

Thanks for your submission Talia!

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Our #WomenWarriors feature today is Breton!


About her:

Breton is a West Coast girl with Eastern roots. She was a Royal Canadian Sea Cadet during her school years, and has pursued her passion of sailing. She has learned, conquered and mastered the art of sailing and has began teaching her love for the sport to others. She will be headed to Hawaii this month to coach sailing there, too! By the time Breton hit her early twenties, she lost both of her parents to cancer.

About her Mom:

“When I was 12 years old, my father passed away after a brief battle with a rare cancer. I watched my mother learn to manage a household with little to no help or even income at times. She selflessly set aside her grief so she could give every ounce of her energy to raising me. She continuously challenged me to be my best self and always encouraged me to not let my situation define me. My mother was the most driven woman I have ever known. She filled the roles of Mom & Dad for almost 10 years. When she passed away suddenly in 2015 from a courageous battle with a malicious form of cancer, I found myself stepping into the same shoes she found herself in not too many years before. I was in my early twenties and meeting with lawyers, learning about mortgages, and maintaining a large house. Today I feel a deeper appreciation and connection with my mother than I ever could have imagined. She was my Superwoman. She IS my Superwoman.”


Meet #GirlBoss Michelle Gill


Today, our #womanwarrior of our #womenwarriors series is Michelle Gill (instagram: @_candy_paint_). Michelle is an amazing individual as the creator of her nail art brand Candy Paint, and the manager of @brunettethelabel. Her experience is incredible from doing @mileycyrus nails, to being the ultimate #GirlBoss leader at the Brunette Flagship Store on 231 Union Street in #Vancouver.

About Michelle and her woman warrior:

“I’m blessed to be surrounded by many women warriors, but the one who has inspired me my whole life and continues to inspire me is my mom. She is without a doubt, the strongest woman I know. She did every job possible, from being a waitress to working in care homes to provide for me and my sisters. Once we got older she put herself through school to become a CDA which gave her a great career and ultimately her independence. Seeing my mom work as hard as she did made me strive for more. I never wanted a conventional career, I was too much of a free spirit and my mom supported my creative side, always.

My nail art brand, Candy Paint literally started in my mom’s living room when I was 19. I did my first client there, had my first photo shoot there and my mom was always there supporting and like most moms, making sure we all ate! Working for yourself is not easy, but having my mom as my number 1 fan and supporter made the hardships worth it. She’s that woman who gives out my instagram handle to everyone, tells them how I did Miley Cyrus’s nails and proudly tells them, ‘I’m Candy Paint’s mama.’

Candy Paint ultimately led me to my current job with Brunette the Label, a company that stands for exactly what I believe in. Miriam Alden (another amazing woman warrior) started this company and brand with the core value of women supporting women, or as we say ‘Babes Supporting Babes’. It’s a company I’m proud to be a part of and grow with. I run our first retail store and all things customer service related. I love what I do, I get to speak to people from all walks of life and hear their stories, I get to be creative and work with an amazing team who genuinely want the best for everyone around them and the brand. It’s such a positive environment and it allows my creativity to thrive. I still actively work on my nail art and will be incorporating that into my current job very soon!
I just turned 30 years old and after much trial and error with various jobs and different avenues, I’ve finally found what works for me, makes me happy and feeds my soul. I am by no means settled, I’ve got big ideas and big plans for my future, my career is just beginning and the person I do it all for is my woman warrior, my mama!

Come visit me at the Brunette Flagship Store at 231 Union Street and you can follow me on instagram @_candy_paint_ and @brunettethelabel”

To kick off our #WomenWarriors campaign, meet Charleen…


About me: “I am 82 years old. I have lived through the Depression and I know much about making the best with what you’ve got. This life has come with many challenges but I’ve found the humor within everything. I keep my family supported and tightly knit.”

About my Daughter: “My daughter is my warrior because she has taken time her life to provide me with care and compassion. Her endless concern helps me enjoy what life I have left to live. Her smile is contagious and I am truly blessed. For this she is my warrior.”


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