Our Girl Boss, Yvette!



Our #WednesdayWarrior this week is mother of two, wife, #GirlBoss and small business owner, Yvette Cuthbert!

Originally from Australia, Yvette moved to beautiful Port Moody in 2002 and took the ever-growing local ice cream shop, Rocky Point Ice Cream, by the reins alongside her husband, Jamie. Over time, the tiny storefront in Rocky Point Park has expanded to two ice cream trucks plus a trailer, collaborations with various local businesses, numerous award-wins including “Best Company” at the Small Business BC Awards, a cookbook, and now a new location in New Westminster, set to open this May. Yvette prides herself in employing local students, giving back to the community and being the best boss she can be.

Yvette grew up in a home with entrepreneurial parents, which she says has shaped her into who she is today. She continues to be inspired each and every day by her community, her charismatic staff, her two children and her Gran.

Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring others, Yvette!

Today our #WednesdayWarrior is Britt!


Our #WednesdayWarrior is Britt!
About her:
“My names Britt Lovell, I work in HR in Vancouver. I was born and raised in Vancouver. I love to inspire and motivate others to live the life they want to live and to live it fearlessly. Life’s too short to waste a moment caring what others may think of what we do for ourselves.
It’s your life. Live it the way you want to. You can find and follow me @rnbandbootybuilding ❤️

About her #WomenWarriors:
“My Woman Warriors are My Mama and My Besties. ❤️ My mom was a single mother growing up and as I grew she taught me how to be a strong, independent and loving woman. She has been my rock through the worst of times and my smile through the best. Regardless of the bumps in the road along the way she has shaped the woman I am today and I love her so much. I also nominate my besties because these few women have no idea just how incredible they are and how they have saved me both literally and emotionally during some of my weakest moments. They have given me such hope by inspiring me with their compassion, their hunger for life, their drive and the love they share so openly with the world. I don’t have a very big family, and I always believe friends are the family we choose…and these women are my family till the end. 🙏🏻

Today, we are inspired by Kar Bell!



We LOVE our Project Women Warriors Community! We have been in awe of all your submissions. Today we are highlighting Kar Bell who messaged us through Facebook. Kar Bell works fulltime at BCIT as an educator for professors and children. She finds happiness, love, and healing through children.

Her Woman Warrior is her mom:

“My mother was a jack of all trades she was a nurse, social worker, worked at the casino as a supervisor, and worked her whole life while taking care of her family. She truly is my inspiration.

My mother was a single mother of 5 children, in which 3 were triplets. My mother raised us working always … providing shelter and providing her heart and soul to the community.  My mother followed her dreams and opened her own catering business serving perogies and cabbage rolls. My mother always opened her door to everyone. She helped when my sister’s friend didn’t have a home and gave her a home…my mother was diagnosed with cancer the end of feb 2014. At that time, I was a single mother as well, and I took a leave from my job to care for my mother. I was traveling back and fourth from Penticton BC to Vancouver.  I was off for a month when my employer gave me an ultimatum either your job or your mother … I chose my mother. I watched her wither away and lose weight  and fall into a coma on April 1st 2014  … it was not a joke even though it was April fools my mother passed away of lung cancer . I then started a journey of not only losing my mother but losing my job as well. Since the passing of my mother I have learned endurance & strength and how much I truly am capable of. How brokenness built me up to become resilient and to overcome every obstacle.  I owe that all to my mother and my guardian angel who has protected me and made sure I was okay .  .. I now work and was recently promoted. I have a loving relationship with my son and hope everyday my son will remember me in the same light as i will remember my mother . My sunflower strong… And always facing the sun and over rising all lifes difficult storms”

Today, we want you to meet Taylor!



Hi! My name is Taylor, I am 18 years old and I’m from Port Moody, BC. I just finished my first year at SFU and work at Rocky Point Ice Cream. When I was in elementary school, I was diagnosed with dyslexia. In grade 5 I had the reading level of a kindergartener. This was an extreme struggle and resulted in me developing an anxiety disorder at a young age. I hated school and I dreaded going every day. I always had people judging me and looking at me like I was less than they are just because I couldn’t read. I had multiple teachers tell me I would never graduate high school, let alone me ever attending post secondary school. My mom through it all was alway by my side and told me to never think that I’m not enough. She always pushes me and has supported me in so many ways. My sisters have always been by my side every step of the way and has always kept a smile on my face. With out my sisters and my mom I would have never had the strength to graduate high school with good grade and being accepted into multiple post secondary schools. They inspire me everyday and I don’t know what I would do with out them.



Today, meet Dani!


Hey! I’m Dani. I am 22 years old and I live in Victoria, BC. I work for Island Health doing kindergarten screening and I am also a Photographer! I love the idea of this project because I strongly admire all the women around me who have influenced me in my day to day life. I work with women, I was raised (a lot of my childhood when my dad was at sea) by two STRONG and BEAUTIFUL women, and I just recently did a interview/photography project on 18 local female musicians in Victoria. Through my enentire life until this last year I had breasts that were far too big for my stature. I wanted what every girl wants, to be comfortable in her own body, fit at least some of the trends, and to not have that be the focus of every dude when at a bar, date, etc. ( it had even had gotten to the point where I had been grabbed there, or verbally harassed because they clearly “stood out” to a male at a concert while I was taking photos). I had a breast reduction in Decmeber of 2017 because I had problems with my neck, back, and shoulders. It changed everything. Waking up in the morning I felt better. I felt lighter, more confident INSTANTLY. I know you shouldn’t HAVE to modify your body to help your confidence, but because of the issues with my back and whatnot, it helped so much and I will never look back. Women face so many challenges every single day. In the workplace, at a concert venue, in a bar, on the street, everywhere. Its ridiculous, BUT the best part about being a woman is that we have a strong force of sisters that are all able rising up together and say enough is enough. The reason I chose my mum as my women warrior is because she has always pushed me to be the very best version of my self. I see a lot of her in me every single day. Shes generous, tough, smart, witty, brave, talented, beautiful, and funny. Shes always shown leadership and was very excited when I started my Women for Women project this last fall. She helped so much. She raised two girls while our dad was away at sea with the Navy. My mum as well had a 37 year career in the military and now works for Island Health as well, after retiring (for a week). She is everything in a person I hope to be one day, and I am so incredibly grateful for her.

Today, we are highlighting Diane!





About Our #WednesdayWarrior, Diane:

A mom of 10 year old son, Wally and 12 year old daughter, Ashley. Business owner and Olympic and World Champion Curler, Diane loves seeing the world through Ashley’s eyes… “My daughter Ashley, a wonderful athlete and an aspiring actress, inspires me with her courage, her sarcastic sense of humour and her commitment to her craft. She manages a crazy schedule while keeping all the balls in the air and keeps us laughing too!”



Chloe is a #GIRLBOSS and our Wednesday Warrior!


Hello! My #womanwarrior is Oprah.

I am a textile designer in London, England who loves using traditional art and CAD to create designs that bring colour and vibrancy to homeware and fashion (ie. wallpaper, rugs, bedding, dresses, accessories, etc.). You can find some of my work on insta @cgreenberg.design and on FB at: facebook.com/ChloeGreenbergDesign/

Of course my mother will always be my strongest pillar, but I have to thank her for introducing me to Oprah at a young age. After school every day I would come home to sit with her on the couch, watching and listening to the ways in which so many people faced adversities and how they overcame these obstacles through Oprah’s show. This impacted me by allowing me to believe in myself and by teaching me to treat others with respect and compassion.

Thank you @projectwomenwarriors for making the time to bring love and positivity into this world ❤