Today, we highlight Bridget!

53668465_2311394555740729_4974807095074357248_n.jpgAbout Our Woman Warrior:

Hello hello my name is Bridget coming from beautiful British Columbia!! I was excited to be asked to write up a little thing on who I think my women warrior is and one of my first thoughts was “can it be myself?”
Some may think that’s selfish but I’ve been through some dark times and I am pretty stoked I’ve come out of it all happy and healthy!! From sexual assault, depression, self abuse, death, heartbreaks and a variety of things in between… being at war with myself, remembering when getting out of bed was the biggest challenge… it’s definitely taken a few different attempts, but I’m alive to tell the tale. Many people go through similar, if not more traumatic, experiences in life and may not always talk about it! Remember that you are in control of your happiness!! Take charge, remove the toxins, speak positively about yourself, you are a goddess who deserves love and self care.

Love you fellow women warrior ❤️❤️

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