Today, we are inspired by Kar Bell!



We LOVE our Project Women Warriors Community! We have been in awe of all your submissions. Today we are highlighting Kar Bell who messaged us through Facebook. Kar Bell works fulltime at BCIT as an educator for professors and children. She finds happiness, love, and healing through children.

Her Woman Warrior is her mom:

“My mother was a jack of all trades she was a nurse, social worker, worked at the casino as a supervisor, and worked her whole life while taking care of her family. She truly is my inspiration.

My mother was a single mother of 5 children, in which 3 were triplets. My mother raised us working always … providing shelter and providing her heart and soul to the community.  My mother followed her dreams and opened her own catering business serving perogies and cabbage rolls. My mother always opened her door to everyone. She helped when my sister’s friend didn’t have a home and gave her a home…my mother was diagnosed with cancer the end of feb 2014. At that time, I was a single mother as well, and I took a leave from my job to care for my mother. I was traveling back and fourth from Penticton BC to Vancouver.  I was off for a month when my employer gave me an ultimatum either your job or your mother … I chose my mother. I watched her wither away and lose weight  and fall into a coma on April 1st 2014  … it was not a joke even though it was April fools my mother passed away of lung cancer . I then started a journey of not only losing my mother but losing my job as well. Since the passing of my mother I have learned endurance & strength and how much I truly am capable of. How brokenness built me up to become resilient and to overcome every obstacle.  I owe that all to my mother and my guardian angel who has protected me and made sure I was okay .  .. I now work and was recently promoted. I have a loving relationship with my son and hope everyday my son will remember me in the same light as i will remember my mother . My sunflower strong… And always facing the sun and over rising all lifes difficult storms”

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