Today, meet Dani!


Hey! I’m Dani. I am 22 years old and I live in Victoria, BC. I work for Island Health doing kindergarten screening and I am also a Photographer! I love the idea of this project because I strongly admire all the women around me who have influenced me in my day to day life. I work with women, I was raised (a lot of my childhood when my dad was at sea) by two STRONG and BEAUTIFUL women, and I just recently did a interview/photography project on 18 local female musicians in Victoria. Through my enentire life until this last year I had breasts that were far too big for my stature. I wanted what every girl wants, to be comfortable in her own body, fit at least some of the trends, and to not have that be the focus of every dude when at a bar, date, etc. ( it had even had gotten to the point where I had been grabbed there, or verbally harassed because they clearly “stood out” to a male at a concert while I was taking photos). I had a breast reduction in Decmeber of 2017 because I had problems with my neck, back, and shoulders. It changed everything. Waking up in the morning I felt better. I felt lighter, more confident INSTANTLY. I know you shouldn’t HAVE to modify your body to help your confidence, but because of the issues with my back and whatnot, it helped so much and I will never look back. Women face so many challenges every single day. In the workplace, at a concert venue, in a bar, on the street, everywhere. Its ridiculous, BUT the best part about being a woman is that we have a strong force of sisters that are all able rising up together and say enough is enough. The reason I chose my mum as my women warrior is because she has always pushed me to be the very best version of my self. I see a lot of her in me every single day. Shes generous, tough, smart, witty, brave, talented, beautiful, and funny. Shes always shown leadership and was very excited when I started my Women for Women project this last fall. She helped so much. She raised two girls while our dad was away at sea with the Navy. My mum as well had a 37 year career in the military and now works for Island Health as well, after retiring (for a week). She is everything in a person I hope to be one day, and I am so incredibly grateful for her.

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