Madison fills our hearts with so much LOVE!


Madison is an incredible young woman, and we are so thrilled to be highlighting her!

About Madison:

Hi! My name is Madison (@schillian), and I’m the founder of, an editorial platform that discusses beauty in all the ways we consume it – not just product. I’ve made it a mission of mine to produce campaigns for brands that reflect the women of 2018 – our differences should be celebrated, highlighted and showcased to younger generations as part of the mosaic of beauty we live in.

About Her Women Warriors:

My role models are each of the women that have kept true to this mission; who lead with generosity, spirit, and heart in whichever field they exist in. It can oftentimes be difficult not to react to adversity with negativity, criticism and exclusion – but the women who inspire me reach out to have the difficult conversations, do the necessary work, and still live in love while doing so. Cheers to them doing above and beyond what has been asked of them. That is true strength.

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