Meet our girl, Blaire!



Meet our girl, Blaire! She is a 19 year old student in her second year of studying Education to become a French Immersion teacher. She is also a Resident Advisor at her University!

She says “I love to surf and ski, and I am passionate about music and mental wellness. This last year has been a personal struggle as I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, all while trying to balance being a student and resident advisor. It has affected me in multiple aspects of my life; however, I know that it does not define me. By surrounding myself with the right people this year, I have learned to never be ashamed of my mental illness; I am learning to be a voice, not a victim.”

About her Woman Warriors:

“My mom and my sister have both taught me true strength. They both truly have a heart for others and no matter what they are going through, they always help those around them first. They both stand up for what they believe in, and were both a voice for me when I couldn’t find my won. One of the best things they have both taught me is to dance like nobody’s watching and to be unapologetically me.”

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