Meet Maiya!




Hi I’m Maiya! I’m a 20 year old student studying Resource and Environmental Management at SFU and I’m also a lifeguard and photographer (you can find me at @mandmphoto). My whole life I’ve been weary of changes. I don’t like jumping into the unknown and trying new things. But some of these jumps have led me to the best things, jobs and people that I’m surrounded with now.

I owe all of this to my Women Warrior- my mom. She’s pushed me throughout my life to be the best version of myself, even when I don’t want to pass the start line. She’s one of those beautiful souls that doesn’t shape her life around what others think, she makes her life what she wants it to be. She inspires me to be both a dreamer and a realist, to accept change but also to cherish. When you’re a kid you look up at your parents like they’re superheros, and I think as you get older, you realise just how heroic they really are.

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