Meet Zehra, a #GirlBoss doctor !


Dr. Zehra Gajic is a perinatal and pediatric chiropractor full of compassion, love, and a whole lotta hutzpah, all wrapped up in a tiny fire ball. Her mission is to empower and support all of her patients, especially those in the motherhood transition. She is belly and baby obsessed and was put on this planet to care for pregnant people and newborns. She graduated with her doctorate in 2015, moved across the country, and opened a practice with her partner which has now grown into a team of 15 amazing humans and the two cutest boston terriers on the planet.

Dr. Zehra’s women warrior is her badass birthy bff, Nicole Chambers. “Nicole is the most incredible doula, counsellor, mom, and friend who is taking over the birth world through educating, empowering, and supporting perinatal women to improve how humans are grown and brought earth-side. She exudes strength, empathy, has the most contagious spirit, and is an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing her.”

Check out her practice here:


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