Sidra, we love your featured #WomenWarriors!


Sidra Subzwari is a Luxury Real Estate agent in White Rock, BC with Angell Hasman & Associates,

Her #WomanWarrior for our #WomenWarriors series is her mom. Sidra’s mom is her hero, and she explains… “she’s taught me to be kind to others – ALWAYS. “You never know what some else is going through so always be kind.” I’m always amazed by her. And the older I’ve gotten, the more our bond has grown. She’s superhuman. My second role model is Oprah. Oprah doesn’t know this but she’s my “YouTube mentor” I watch and rewatch her Super Soul Sunday clips on YouTube every morning when getting ready for work. She reminds me to walk in my truth everyday and live an authentic life.”

*Got a woman warrior in mind for our campaign? DM us via social media to be featured*

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