Our #WomenWarriors feature today is Breton!


About her:

Breton is a West Coast girl with Eastern roots. She was a Royal Canadian Sea Cadet during her school years, and has pursued her passion of sailing. She has learned, conquered and mastered the art of sailing and has began teaching her love for the sport to others. She will be headed to Hawaii this month to coach sailing there, too! By the time Breton hit her early twenties, she lost both of her parents to cancer.

About her Mom:

“When I was 12 years old, my father passed away after a brief battle with a rare cancer. I watched my mother learn to manage a household with little to no help or even income at times. She selflessly set aside her grief so she could give every ounce of her energy to raising me. She continuously challenged me to be my best self and always encouraged me to not let my situation define me. My mother was the most driven woman I have ever known. She filled the roles of Mom & Dad for almost 10 years. When she passed away suddenly in 2015 from a courageous battle with a malicious form of cancer, I found myself stepping into the same shoes she found herself in not too many years before. I was in my early twenties and meeting with lawyers, learning about mortgages, and maintaining a large house. Today I feel a deeper appreciation and connection with my mother than I ever could have imagined. She was my Superwoman. She IS my Superwoman.”


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